Introduction + first OOTD

Hello! I started this blog just as a personal outlet, a diary of sorts, for my cosmetic/beauty related interests and happenings. I’ve always enjoyed reading about makeup and fashion, and just recently discovered I enjoy writing about it, too. My goal for this blog is to provide useful information like reviews and tips and…well, pretty pictures! Since I don’t want this blog to be specifically about me and my ramblings, I’ll leave the rest of the introduction for the About Me page. Now on to the outfit!

top/pants – Beall’s Outlet
necklace/bracelet – thrift stores
ring – unknown
wedges – Payless

I’m a huge fan of the bright jeans trend. I think it might have started going out of style, but I don’t care too much. Just a heads up for any readers: this blog is about my personal tastes and opinions, and won’t be very trendy outside of the trends I personally like. I’m not a big follower of what’s “in” and what’s “out”. I wear what I enjoy and enjoy what I wear, period!

Anyways, I have a nail polish haul and couple of reviews in the works, so stay tuned, and I sincerely thank anyone who decides to read this blog!

Until next time~


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